I’ve incorporated plant medicine into my regular wellness routine for the past five years and I’m always amazed at the benefits of adding a little green to my flow. 

As I geared up for my Spring yoga class season, I was blessed with my first partnership with Muz Muz! Located in Brooklyn, New York, Muz Muz is a plant-based café that offers a variety of elevated victuals. From classics like your typical coffee-laden libation to fungtional mushroom lattes, Muz Muz serves an organic and vegan menu filled with unique barista builds. And for those of you who need a joint with your morning coffee…well, they’ve got you covered with that too! Tinctures, pre-rolls, vapes, edibles of all kinds and more can be found in their physical and online shop. One of my favorite qualities about this shop is their commitment to being organic A.F.! From Hawaii to Nicaragua to New York, Muz Muz works directly with farms who practice regenerative farming techniques as well as certified processing facilities to deliver their peeps the finest and highest quality goods! My students and I got to try out their full-spectrum THC Hawaiian honey and it did not disappoint!

My students and I thoroughly enjoyed the honey during our class with the number one compliment being that it actually tastes like real honey. Well, that’s because it is! None of that high fructose corn syrup nonsense and while we couldn’t actually taste the cannabis in the honey, we could certainly feel it. So let’s break down this Cannabis for Creatives review of Muz Muz’s THC Hawaiian Honey.

As always, please consume cannabis responsibly…and not at all if you’re under 21 in the U.S…or 18 in Canada

Meditation – 5 out of 5
This honey gave me a warm body high before slight tingly sensations in the mind followed. It was almost as if I could feel the happiness settling into my body, making it great to explore the mind with. I led my students through a guided visual meditation that allowed them to get creative within their brains. I would also say this honey is great for sādhanā as it left me pondering a lot of the thoughts in my head.

Movement – 4 out of 5
While the honey definitely made my mind kick into gear, this would have been a perfect score if the contemplative lull didn’t stick around. Easy movement (read: yin yoga) pairs wonderfully with this honey because of that initial body high. This made it easier to move through poses on the mat without giving an intense grogginess. My class mentioned feeling completely in the zone once we began our flow, quoting that the infused honey greatly helped with their concentration and focus. Serving suggestions include a micro dose of one teaspoon, a regular dosage of one tablespoon, and if you really want to feel it, two tablespoons. We stuck to one tablespoon for class and when I had the opportunity to try two tablespoons…well, I never made it to the mat that day. 

Creativity – 5 out of 5
I will definitely be using this honey again to be creative! From visualizing meditations to nature walks and people watching, I really enjoyed the space created in my mind once I sat down to ingest some art. Writing is a great task to do with this in your system as what good writer doesn’t have a cup of cannabis-laden tea next to them at all times? Not only did my words flow like water but once I got my hands on a book I was transported to another world entirely.

It’s safe to say that Muz Muz’s THC Hawaiian Honey is going to be a staple in my home now. Interested in trying some for yourself? Or perhaps their CBD Hawaiian Honey is more your thing?

Either way, enjoy 20% off of your online purchase using the code FLOWWITHLO! And if you’re in Brooklyn be sure to stop by Muz Muz café so you can try one of their yummy drinks!


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