As a holistic and spiritual being, I try to live my best in alignment with the earth and its seasons – however, as a millennial New Yorker, I also try to cram everything within the social construct that is the work week.

The season for sleeping in has finally come to a close and with the days getting longer, you’re going to want to seize as much of the day as possible. So naturally, creating a mindful morning routine is a must! Starting off your day on the right foot is powerful and sets the precedent for way more than you may realize. 

However, attempting to stay mindful, speedy and productive can be more exhausting than any threesome you can think of — this includes Twilight’s cinematic catastrophe that I watch proudly to this day. But alas, a balanced morning routine can be made in just under 20 minutes! It takes some tweaking and maybe a little multitasking, if you’re up for it. In this small window of time you’ll be able to do yoga, meditation, journaling, and even recite affirmations. And what’s amazing about these techniques and tools is that they can be done at any time of the day to keep the good vibes up. You may not get to all of these activities every morning but choosing a combination of at least three for five to seven minutes each is a great way to start.

So take a big stretch and shake off that extra sleep! Here’s how to have a quick and holistic morning routine in under 20 minutes.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio

Stretch (~2 MIN)
The first thing I do when I open my eyes in the morning is take a big stretch and greet the day saying, “today’s going to be a great day.” Period. This immediately gives me that rush of positivity I need before letting any of the outside world come and clutter my mind. To top it off, the health benefits of stretching first thing in the morning include better circulation, posture, and my favorite, less stress.

Make Bed (~2 MIN)
Studies show that making your bed every day can greatly improve your mood and motivation. As a military kid, making my bed used to feel like a chore but once I realized how it truly helped me move about my day and appreciate my space, I understood why my Dad made such a big deal about it…plus it just makes the room look nicer.

Photo by Monstera

Sun Salutations (5-7 MIN)
Depending on where your body is will determine how many sun salutations you’ll want to do. Personally, I enjoy starting off with five, slowly and intentionally, giving me that nice stretch while also clearing my mind. Over time I’ve increased it to ten but as we’re trying to keep it short and sweet here, I try to cut it off there. Alternatively, if you’ve had enough sun sals you can head over to YouTube channels like Yoga with Adriene and choose a short five to ten minute flow to start your day with.

Meditation (5 MIN)
My favorite part of the morning is hands down meditation. What used to feel like eons is now the shortest and sometimes sweetest part of my day. I enjoy doing guided meditations but some days I simply set an alarm, breathe, and do my own thing. Remember, there is no right way to meditate and what matters is taking the time to quiet your mind and intentionally ground yourself.

Journaling (5 MIN)
If you’re one who likes to scribble out your dreams or morning thoughts then grab your journal! Starting the day with jotting down what’s on the brain or responding to a writing prompt is a mindful way to approach your own thoughts and emotions and it may help give insight on how to navigate your next steps. Here are some awesome morning journal prompts to help get those thoughts flowing.

The best thing about affirmations is that they can be done literally anywhere, any time. These special, personalized prayers are great to fill the subconscious with when your mind is blank or whenever you need a pick-me-up. Plus, starting off your day with reassuring words from yourself is what cultivating self-love is all about! Check out these affirmations for high vibrations and a positive mood.

Have you tried any of these in your morning routine before? Which activities are you going to add? Whether it’s five minutes or a whole hour, be sure to always start your day with time for yourself. Let me know in the comments how having a morning routine has helped you!


One thought on “How To Create A Quick And Mindful Morning Routine”
  1. This was such a relatable read and had me cracking up throughout. I appreciate how you broke these practices into minutes because people believe at times that mindfulness activities have to take long time.

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