I’m a huge fan of killing two birds with one stone. I’m also a huge stoner. So the idea of attending an invite-only dinner party that would satiate my munchies while also getting me sky high? Count me in. The 99th Floor is an experience that gets you lifted as you get full and I highly recommend it to any and all foodie and cannabis lovers.

Warning: All cannabis related puns made in this article are 100%, completely, and purely on purpose.

Founder and head chef of 99th Floor, Miguel Trinidad, is a New York restaurateur, author and cannabis educator with a mission to destigmatize the plant through the universal language of food. As a fellow cannactivist (ba dum tss) and creative, I admire how Chef Miguel has managed to do something he loves while also giving so much back to the community. Trinidad believes in only using the freshest ingredients while pushing the envelope in the conversation that surrounds the food he’s making. While my friend and I slowly melted into our seats as the night progressed, we felt in great company as Chef made his rounds to each table, personally greeting guests, sharing laughs and stories.

By the end of the night we were embellished in chill vibes, five courses and a rum-based cocktail, all infused with around 50 milligrams of marijuana. Don’t worry – 25 milligrams of it were the awesome homemade candies you get as a party favor. This was one experience that spirited me away into a land of aesthetically pleasing food and spirits that I hope to see again one day soon.

Photo by Stefen Ross

But for now I’ll revisit the night with the Ten To One Rum Bramble cocktail that we were greeted with upon entry into the secret location – I lowkey geek out on shit like secret party locations…it makes me feel like a spy. This drink was a great way to fall down the rabbit hole that was the evening. Bramble with a black berry puree, honey syrup, and lemon, imbued with Mary J. Not only was this a refreshing drink to taste but also to look at.  

Photo by Stefen Ross

For the first course of the night we started with this buttery tuna toast. If you could fit happiness into a square it would be this toast. Spread with foie gras mousse, layered with thinly pounded tuna, adorned with a pile of paddlefish roe, and infused with four milligrams of marijuana, this was the perfect introduction to the feast to be had.

Steeping fresh bud in milk, Chef Miguel then whipped his magic into what would become our second course, ricotta dumplings. Each of these fun bites contained one milligrams dose and were topped with a hearty mushroom consommé for another four milligrams, officially landing us in that euphoric state when much of the room begins to settle and eyes get a little lower.

For our main course — my Goddess. A perfectly poached black cod with savory oyster mushrooms and this red wine, bone marrow bordelaise, and the true main course, cannabis, that made me want to go full Southern and slap my own mama. As a vegetarian deluxe aka a pescatarian, I actually don’t have fish very often and this was an appreciable choice for the main star of the show.

Photo by Stefen Ross

Thank you so much to Chef Miguel, Chef Victoria, and the whole crew that worked effortlessly to provide us with a unique and one of a kind experience. If it’s one thing that 99th Floor does right, it’s bringing together the magic of food, cannabis and conversation– and as we all know, sometimes all it takes is a conversation to change the course of a single movement.

For more information on how you can attend one of 99th Floor exclusive dinner parties follow them on Instagram.


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