There’s more to creating music than putting words to a beat. It’s a therapeutic process that flows like waves in the water or bends like…air? I got the chance to speak with the talented EyeLoveBrandon, a self-proclaimed Airbender, on his musical stylings and how his creativity isn’t limited to one genre.

Lo: Tell us a bit about yourself and what you do!

B: My name is Brandon I’m an Airbender. Sounds funny, but if you get into the technical aspects of what I do, I organize and manipulate sound waves through the creative arts of musical composition. The medium of music is sound and silence, which resides in the element of air. I’ve always been a musician, as I play various instruments, namely drums and piano. I came from a family of gifted individuals who, like me, are musicians as well. Production was a gift I acquired when I took my natural skills in music and applied it to digital composition.

Lo: So your music has some LoFi/Chillhop vibes to it. Would you describe it as such? Where do you get your inspiration from?

B: I really try not to associate myself with genres, as I believe they’re limiting.  Genres are rigid, crystallizations. Music always flows. It’s without form, ever shifting like water. So I try less to fit in a certain perspective and just focus on making something beautiful and heartwarming. Nature plays a huge part in my creative process, because it sets the atmosphere for peace and tranquility. Over the past few years, I’ve been adding foley and field recordings to my work. Not only to enhance the listening experience, but as a way of connecting with the soul of the listener.

Lo: We noticed you enjoy remixing Disney music. Why Disney? Tell us about your composing process and feelings when remixing a childhood classic.

B: Disney songs are often associated with our childhood. They return our most joyful, innocent memories. In remixing them, people recall those memories. Those feelings. I never really have a definitive process when I’m creating. More so, it’s about the feelings I want to give people. With the Disney remixes I wanted to replicate and bring that once innocent, playful joy back into people’s lives.

Lo: Where do you see your music taking you/what would the ideal outcome be?

B: I’ve always wanted to strictly live off of my income as a composer/producer, and as time moves forward that dream is slowly becoming a reality.  There’s a bit of every artist in their work, as my music is a mirror reflection of who I am. I want to be a person who’s creativity as well as their character aligns. Where people aren’t just taken by my abilities, but by my character as well.

Lo: What has been your greatest accomplishment to date?

B: This may sound generic, but I don’t really focus on accolades or external rewards. But when people go out of their way to say my music is something that inspires them, or helps them go through their lives without depression or sadness, that means everything to me. I find that what truly changes the world are small things. Everyday ordinary deeds of kindness, of love. My abilities are a way of saying to the listener “you’re not alone.” “Don’t worry.” “Everything will be alright.”

Lo: What’s coming up for you next? 

B: I’m working on several things at the moment. Besides various commissions, I’ve currently created a score to a graphic novel by Soroush Barazesh as well. I’m also working on an instrumental project for those dealing with depression and anxiety called “Worlds Without Words”. And a joint project with vocalist Kreion entitled “Water on the Moon.”

Lo: Any advice to fellow creatives out there?

B: Believe without any fear, sarcasm or cynicism that what you desire in life is yours. You can have it. Trust the process.

Be sure to check out more of Brandon’s work on Instagram!

This article was previously published for Quirktastic, Inc., 2019


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