Like many of us in the past couple years, you may have recently became a new plant parent.

First of all, congrats to you for making it through a pretty weird winter – especially if it was your first! Wipe your tears from the plant babies that perished, it happens to us all! Now you can rejoice for the green cherubs that did make it through the frigid cold just in time for Earth Day 2022. But as you head into your next year of plant parenthood, it doesn’t hurt to get some inspiration from fellow plant lovers and what they’re doing to make their herbage thrive.

Studies show that taking care of plants can improve your mental health. They’re a wonderful reminder to stay in the present moment, promoting stress relief and boosting the air quality. As a plant parent myself, watering and talking to my plant babies is one of the quickest ways to put me into a good mood. After three wonderful years with (most) of my original cohort in tow, I couldn’t imagine life without taking care of my baby greens.

Whether you’re figuring out how to care for succulents or how to start a garden, it can get pretty overwhelming from time to time. Luckily, there’s lots of people out there that are in the same pot as you! From discovering unique greenery with Alexis Nikole Nelson to receiving a succulent and a hug from Terrell Davis, the wave of plant parents that have sprung will keep you educated and entertained. Here are 41 POC plant parents to follow on TikTok and YouTube.

  1. @Plantkween

when you tell yoself that you’re only going to the shop to “peruse” tha greenery 💁🏽‍♀️🛍🪴#plantkween #plantshopping #plantshop #treatyourself

♬ original sound – Plant Kween


3. @Plantmeplants

4. @Blackgirlgreenworld

5. @Mintybongwater


Good morning friend ☀️ happy Monday

♬ original sound – The Tea Guy

6. @Tinylazydaisy


nodes w/o leaves (aka “chonks”) may still have life in them! It doesnt hurt to try &prop them!🤍#planttips #planttok #plants #plantparent #propagation

♬ omg hes dead no gangnam style ireland holman – ireland 💗🫶💋

7. Alina Alive

8. @Lavendaire

9. @Plant_mama

10. @Akilahandtheplants

11. @Botanical_homie

12. @Soydeatlanta

13. @Alexisnikole


Now is the best time for rose hips imo!! 🌹 They get sweeter and softer as winter goes on!

♬ original sound – Alexis Nikole

14. John Thee Gardener

15. @Fiddlemyleaf

16. @Joy_daydreams

17. @Greenbycarlos

18. @Crazy.plant.guy

19. @Ddsaek


PLANT HAUL!!!!!😵🤪🪴🌿😮‍💨 #planttiktok #planttok

♬ Elevator Music – Bohoman

20. @Urrbangarden

21. Rooting Mindfully

22. @Theplantpapi_

23. @Plantblerd


These stores are a TRAP! A plant trap that is. Finally got my global green! #plantshopping #pothosfan #plantlover @Costco

♬ Love You So – The King Khan & BBQ Show

24. @Odarlyn

25. Cloud Gardener UK

26. @Pothosandpinot

27. @Jocelynsjungleroom


Tax season is here y’all 🤣💀 #planttiktok #fyp #plants follow my Instagram.

♬ original sound – JOCELYN | florida 🌿

28. SunnySideUp With Nicole

29. @Junglecae


its a great day to water ur plants💫 #planttok #monstera #locs #junglecae #plants

♬ eggs – Mndsgn

30. @Davidmoralesplantx


Like we are all struggling here mama you ain’t special…🪴🗑 & I don’t play with scale(pest)

♬ My sound is blowing up – LLS🙏🏿🕊

31. @Lowkeyplantologist

32. Such Plants

33. @Distractedplantgirl

34. BenjiPlant

35. @Ycofriendly

36. @Plantifulshoppe

37. @Mymonsteragirlfriend

38. @Plantmanp

39. The Style Gene

40. @Judybaogarden


Mom’s new #DIYproject for people who don’t have time to water their plants! ♻️ Check it out! 😍 #gardening #diy #watering #upcycle #spring #fypシ

♬ Sunny Day – Ted Fresco

41. @Oopsiplantedagain

Is your green thumb tingling yet? The gardening journey is most certainly a rewarding one with different things to learn not only in our world, but ourselves. Which of these plant parents are you looking forward to growing with?


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