As a kid (and hell, now too), I loved playing the Rainbow Road level in Mario Kart. I always wished I could really be on the glimmering race track surrounded by millions of stars, planets…and my friends hurling objects at me from their vehicles.

Well, I’m not Mario, Luigi, Elon or Jeff so I won’t be going to space anytime soon but Rainbow Belts got me dangerously close to feeling like I was on the Rainbow Road.

In this critique of Cannabis for Creatives, I got my hands on Rainbow Belts (also called Rainbow Belt..without the ’s’), an evenly balanced hybrid strain that is known for its relaxed, euphoric, and talkative effects. Spawn of Zkittlez and Moonbow, after toking my inaugural two-bowl test, I can confidently say I will be coming back to this flower. Its THC content is between 20-24%, making it a bit of a heavy-hitter so newcomers, tread lightly…which may be hard considering it tastes great too. Not quite on par with one of those Airhead rainbow chews but with notes of berry, lemon, and cherries this is one of the more pleasantly flavorful strains I’ve tried. 

Over the course of a day or two I used Rainbow Belts for my meditation, movement, and creative practices. While it was average on the creativity, it excelled for meditation and movement. I now see why it has a reputation for soothing body aches and depression. Either way, I highly recommend Rainbow Belts for a chill get-together with friends, nature walking, and definitely for playing Mario Kart

As always, please consume cannabis responsibly…and not at all if you’re under 21 in the U.S…or 18 in Canada.

Meditation — 4 out of 5

As I like to wake and bake (and meditate), I started my day with this combo. Guided meditations are my jam and the Great Meditation YouTube channel has a lot of relaxing videos to choose from that will get you in tune with whatever mood you’re aiming for for the day. During my meditation I felt the euphoria as described heavily and I also noticed a willingness to retain that happy feeling once I was done. And retain it, I did. 

Movement — 4 out of 5

While I usually attempt a yoga practice as my source of movement, Rainbow Belts had me wanting to roam more than move within the confines of a rubber mat. This flower was great for being outside and taking a long walk either solo or with friends. I recommend a walking meditation somewhere colorful. You’ll feel like you’re on your own rainbow road with how vivid everything looks through this green lens.

Creativity — 3 out of 5 (really like a 2.5)

Okay, so maybe I would do a 2.5 for this rating but I haven’t figured out how to edit half a bud on Canva yet. Regardless, Rainbow Belts wasn’t a great strain for creativity as far as sitting and creating. Having a thought-provoking chat and coming up with crazy ideas, though? Oh yea, it’s got you covered there. My friends and I had a ball laughing on our apartment stoop into the night.

Rainbow Belts is definitely going to become a staple in my home. Overall, I would recommend this cannabis for fellow creatives.

Have you tried Rainbow Belts before? What was your experience and which strain would you like me to review next?


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