Intention is my number priority when it comes to working with herbs. But every now and again, I worry my intention has gone to hell when the world’s shit has me questioning who the high one actually is and consuming just for the hell of it starts to take over.

Add in a little seasonal affective disorder (or SAD…heh) and you have a not-so-wonderful cocktail that leaves you with brain fog so cloudy you wonder if you’ll ever come down. And the overall exhaustion will come over time until you have a reset. I don’t care what anyone has to say about “tolerance breaks”. They look different for everyone–for me, it usually means smoking less herb and extending time in between bowls/tokes. Not necessarily stopping altogether. But do you, boo boo. 

Anyway, I got my hands on some Pink Panties.

Your Cannabis for Creatives breakdown of Pink Panties

Pink Panties is an indica-dominant hybrid that stems from parents Florida Kush and Burmese Kush. Providing a euphoric, relaxing, and focused high, this citrusy-herbal blend came through on its promise of taming symptoms related to anxiety, PTSD, and depression. While it has a heavy couch-lock quality that makes getting anything done impossible after two tokes, it does help keep you focused, making it a wonderful strain to dive into some art or the nether regions of your mind. After collaborating with this herb for my morning and creative routines I can safely say I will be putting Pink Panties on again — wait. What?

As always, please consume cannabis responsibly…and not at all if you’re under 21 in the U.S…or 18 in Canada.

Meditation – 5 out of 5

Pink Panties was a wonderful addition to my morning wake and bake. I meditate every morning (about a 50/50 split if I’m in the mood to toke first thing) and this strain put me into hyper-focus mode during my meditation. I went with a guided meditation for miracles and this The effects carried over after my ten-minute venture inside my mind but it left me with enough drive to power through my chores even though a midday nap was inevitable if I were to consume another bowl.

One thing that was rather fun to ingest with this strain was self-help content. I felt very contemplative and my sādhanā that morning was about two and half hours longer than usual thanks to creators like Show Nemoto, Doctor Rangan Chetterjee, and Master Sri Akarshana

Whenever I’m unsure about what I want to meditate on I always go with a guided miracles and positivity energy experience

Yoga/Movement – 2 out of 5

Nay. The laziest of lazy strains. As previously stated, while it certainly helped motivate me after meditation (I should note the cup of coffee that also contributed), this is an indica-dominant hybrid, y’all. Not only was getting on my yoga mat very difficult but when I was there my favorite poses were corpse and child’s pose. I ended up going with my own flow over choosing a video which may have been my downfall. Still, stretching felt nice but I would think twice before blending movement with this medicine.


More morning cat yoga…with a side of J-pop 🎙️🧘🏽‍♀️🐈‍⬛ . . . #catmom #catyoga #nycyogi #jpop #utadahikaru #blackcat #blackcats #yogi

♬ Time – Hikaru Utada
My cat, Pickles, enjoys a nice flow with a little side of Utada Hikaru

Creativity/Art – 4 out of 5

Another shining point for the Pink Panties strain was the focus and breathing room for artistry that it gave me. I was able to dive into a variety of creative projects from writing to photo research, from [Canva designing] to sculpting with polymer clay. This strain also didn’t give me paranoia so moving along with art projects and letting myself give into whatever my hands touched came naturally. I only felt the need to stop due to the eventual lulling effects indicas have. Highly recommend.

Meet my new friends Dipolean and Diplo. Soon to have a new home on a canvas pond!

Pink Panties is a great time that I can’t wait to try on again. I only wish I got more puns out of this brief article. Okay, I’ll stop.


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