Was geht ab (what’s up), potheads?! This Cannabis for Creatives review is coming to you from Berlin, Germany where I got to try their amazing Cherry Pie strain.

Well, turns out Berliners and New Yorkers have a lot in common. To be honest, besides the sometimes-not-so-obvious language difference (if you look at German long enough it starts to look like English) the public transportation navigates the same, good and diverse food is everywhere, you can hear half the World’s languages in the span of three blocks, and the inhabitants of these two cities don’t give a fuck about smoking marijuana in public.

I’m sure a lot of you are wondering how the hell did I manage to smoke weed in Germany where it is very much not legal, at least, not recreationally. Medical Mary J is good to go. So naturally there are dispensaries which of course means there are people who use their medical cards to play God’s angels on Earth. Make sure you have WhatsApp or Telegram downloaded and take yourself to either Görlitzer Park (in Kreuzberg) or Hasenheide Park (in Neukölln) and start sniffin’.

Even before legalization in New York it was quite common to walk the block and get hit in the face with some Za; welp, same thing in Berlin—and Berlin, specifically. Other parts of Germany are said to be way more strict. Still, even in Berlin–or anywhere for that matter–be smart and mindful of your surroundings, aka don’t be that guy to blaze in front of the Polizei.

Na ja (Anyway), Cherry Pie is the hybrid offspring of Grandaddy Purple and Durban Poison. Its buds literally smell sweet like a pie–or maybe it’s time I’ve faced facts that I’m now one of those stoners but either way, it’s a nice siff. The toke has a hearty aroma and notes of berries making it taste kinda sweet. So sweet that I didn’t mind inhaling this for a little longer than most others! And the high? Chef’s kiss. This is a perfect strain for traveling as its effects are giggly, uplifted, happy, and euphoric. The downsides are cottonmouth (and German water is interesting), paranoia, and dry eyes. Personally, I was already on a mental high from being away from America but you tell me what you think! In the meantime, here’s your Cannabis for Creatives breakdown review of Cherry Pie!

As always, please consume cannabis responsibly…and not at all if you’re under 21 in the U.S…or 18 in Canada…and Germany.

Meditation – 5 out of 5
I might as well say that I love Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn. His meditations always bring me back to who I am. To home; while embracing the radicalness that is self-love. When my bestie and I travel we always like to maximize our time. So Britt and I don’t mind a quick five-minute meditation and the good doctor knows exactly what he’s doing. Cherry Pie comes in with its dreamy vibes (also perfect as we just entered Pisces season) and feelings of letting go and let flow. After returning from another world I felt ready to take on the day and see a new side of the world.

Gift yourself some radical self-love and take five minutes to do this meditation

Yoga/Movement – 4 out of 5
Pie in the morning never tasted so good. One thing I will say is that German weed is DANK(E). So much so that Britt got a contact high within minutes. We started the day with easy travel yoga and stretching. Moving with this strain felt amazing as it helps you to zero in on parts of the body that need attention–like my upper back after that plane ride. Seated Cat/Cow pose is wonderful for this, by the way. After yoga and a quick breakfast, Britt and I went on a walk. Fresh air and a fresh view work wonderfully with this Cherry Pie. Senses are sharp but you also feel relaxed. “Euphoric” is definitely the word. I would recommend being out and about and getting spirited away. 

Creativity/Art – 5 out of 5
I didn’t bring many artsy things to entertain myself with as we would be busy with doing all the other things. However I can’t wait to sculpt or paint with this dessert. I’m currently writing this having just had a nice wake and bake. Who said you can’t have dessert for breakfast? Either I’m getting better (which I am every day) or this is a super strain but this is the quickest I’ve written a review so I’m thoroughly loving embracing my voice with this bud!

Maybe it’s because we’re in Europe but if you’d like to grab some munchies fitting for this strain, a nice dessert would be anything crispy, light, and decadent–like streusel or German fruit flan!


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