If you’ve read any of my recent work then you’ll notice jargon of the “woo woo,” variety. IE: Living in alignment with the Earth and rising with the Sun, etc. I guess it’s time that I come out of the broom closet — publicly, at least.

There was a very obvious mass awakening in 2020 when everyone discovered what quiet time and self awareness are and if you haven’t gotten on board, consuming content that does nothing but bring your psyche down is also not the wave.

And while my magical origin story is for another time, coming into my magical self did send me on a rampant content search for more spirits like my own. I hadn’t listened to a podcast in awhile since I used to listen while commuting but thanks to YouTube, the government agent that watches my phone, and my own curiosity, I began discovering more fellow witchy content creators of color like Jasmine’s Garden and Alina Alive.

As an African-American woman, much of my roots have been lost to me and I’ve spent a good chunk of my life searching for what makes me unique. I never thought I would ever be writing about my spirituality in such a raw light but the more I listen and watch these fellow witches of color actively live in their truth, I feel empowered to do the same.

So here’s to upping the quality of your content consumption with eight witchy creators of color you need to follow.

Matt Hatter Plays – Books and Broomsticks Podcast

The Books & Broomsticks podcast is hosted by indigenous folklorist and occultist, Matt Hatter Plays and their co-host, Chaotic Witch Aunt. They discuss witchcraft across the board along with the history and folklore, weaving in notable books to read and magical tips. I appreciate how the sky is the limit with the subjects they discuss and that they tackle more than just the every day things we’ve heard as witchcraft has become more of the norm. The roots of witchcraft run deep and through educated discussion and genuine curiosity, Matt and his co-host work to bring healing and awareness to their community.

Instagram | Readings


I recently found Mintfaery and what a sweet soul! Her YouTube videos are a fun and educational watch while giving us insight into her very real life. Mint practices and eclectic type of magick while also juggling being a mother who has a chronic illness. Her commitment to loving herself and others while also holding space for difficult conversations is a great example for how to live in one’s truth.

Instagram | Etsy Shop

Juliet Diaz – Elder Hour Podcast

Hosted by Juliet Diaz, an Indigenous Taino Cubana bruja who is also the author of one of the first books I read on witchcraft, Witchery. As a spiritual and literary activist, Juliet is passionate about encouraging others to step into their truth so that we can all heal the oppressive wounds that bind us. She and her co-host Chelsea Selby discuss their love of plant magic in their podcast Elder Hour and as a big believer and user of plant magic, I’m looking forward to diving more into this podcast and growing my green thumb a bit more.

Website | Instagram | Indigenous Peoples Movement

Jasmine’s Garden

There’s something about someone who gives everything to you straight and whatever it is Jasmine’s got it…I think it’s called being a Capricorn. Jasmine’s blunt way of breaking down witchcraft and the bullshit that is the society we live in regularly has me pacing my bedroom and mirror monologuing. Coming from a heavy Christian background turned witch bitch goddess, she carefully breaks down witchcraft and spirituality in a straight forward way that makes my Mercury Virgo heart sing.

Instagram | Website | Shop | Podcast

Alina Alive

I adore Alina! She’s a quirky Gemini and a holistic nutritionist and her YouTube channel brings me so much joy with moon rituals, meditations, and holistic care tips. Alina is the founder of WellnessCon, an annual conference for holistic and wellness enthusiasts, centering BIPOC healers. To top things off, she also appeals to my uber organized Virgo side with her dope yearly agenda, the Auralign astrology planner.

Instagram | WellnessCon | Auralign Astrology Planners

Clementine – Big Empress Energy

A psychic tarot reader, reiki master, and cosmic connoisseur–if you want some of that BIG empress energy then Clementine is your girl. Along with weekly readings on her YouTube channel, she also has her own reiki and tarot school. Her warm and vibrant way of reading is always a fun watch that leaves me confident to take on whatever the cosmos have planned next.

Website | Instagram

Witchy and Woo Podcast

Having an aunt by the same name, I have to remind myself that Aunt Carla is not my biological auntie — however, I love that I can call her my magical one. I just discovered the Witchy and Woo podcast and I already love Aunt Carla and her co-host Empress ChaChanna’s laid back way of talking about the craft. Crystal healers, reiki practitioners, and astrology nuts, these ladies are focused on healing community and this is one podcast that I hope will help continue to nourish my inner student.

Aunt Carla | Empress ChaChanna | Aunt Carla’s Red Soul Flower Magick Family Group

The Hood Witch

I’ve been following The Hood Witch for a minute now. Bri Luna is a Black and Mexican bruja who carved a way for herself and others like her. I first stumbled across her through a friend’s story and was immediately engaged by her passionate and honest way of living and being and great advice. Very much like her, I grew up in a superstitious household but it was only in my late 20’s that I began to equate superstition with magic. Bri has a mission to make American witchcraft more inclusive, vivacious and socially conscious and that’s one I can definitely get down with.

Website | Instagram | Blog

We’re going to keep this list growing! Drop your favorite witchy content creators of color below.


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