Dark times have overtaken the internet and social media burnout is a very real thing. 

From the days of Xanga, MySpace, and OG Tumblr (if you know, you know), there have been countless creators that have impacted how I see social media and consequently, how I use it. However, recently the interwebs have taken a toll on my mental health more than ever before and as someone who practices being both physically and mentally conscious, that needed to change asap. I may be dating myself here but I come from the era when social media was just posting what you were up to that day or something cool that you had just made. Not with the intention of selling or even inspiring the masses but simply because it was a tool that gave your creativity a place to live. This not only allowed our previous timelines to be filled with more positivity but also with realism.

In my quest to clean up my social feeds I’ve come across licensed therapists, mental health and life coaches to people who just want to move forward, focusing on how to make things better for the collective. People who aren’t afraid to share who they were, who they are, and their dreams of contributing to something greater than themselves, while still acknowledging how amazing they already are. If we must use these addicting devices everyday (and we actually don’t have to) then at least let’s fill our screens with healthy and relatable content.

I found most of these creators via Instagram but as we know WordPress doesn’t vibe with that platform so here are 20 BIPOC mental health creators on TikTok.

1. Hindz (@Hindzsight)

Do yourself a favor and start this article with this meditative vibe.

I first came across Hindz during the panini in 2020. With regular virtual hangouts and guided meditations, there is no interaction with Hindz’s content and overall way of being that isn’t rooted in love.

2. John Kim (@TheAngryTherapist)

This actually hit me like a ton of bricks and has helped me so much in a very short amount of time since publishing this article, haha. Thank you.

This guy. Speaking my thoughts on the annoying, hilarious and real things in life while validating me at the same time, and teaching me healthier thought patterns? A winning combo.

3. Tabitha Brown (@IAmTabithaBrown)


Trust yourself❤️. You know what you know! I love you! #tabithabrown #spreadlove

♬ original sound – Tabitha Brown
Wow. This one also spoke to me and gave me more energy to write this post!

Auntieeeee. Another pandemic comfort find, Tabitha Brown not only fills your soul with kind words but also your belly with yummy vegan recipes!

4. Luis Díaz (@787Therapy)


It’s not always easy to ask for help, where to go, and what works… That’s why I’m here 💞. ccounselormmentalhealthaanxietydepression

♬ original sound – 787Therapy
But like, have they tried meditation?

Luis is that bilingual therapist friend you go to when you need straight facts with a side of healthy validation and humor! An advocate for human rights, his content perfectly balances taking care of your own mind while still being informed of the world.

5. Dr. Rangan Chatterjee (@DrRanganChatterjee)


BURNOUT! Many of us think we can keep pushing day after day, week after week, month after month without any consequences. But we can’t. What I have seen time and time again is this constant pushing always come back to bite, it is just a case of when. Many of us are on the road to burnout without even realising it. Burnout is a type of chronic, unmanaged stress that has significant consequences for our physical and mental health. It’s characterised by feeling exhausted all the time, with no energy for everyday tasks, and little enjoyment in everyday activities. If that sounds familiar, you may well have told yourself you’re lazy – but that’s not the case. Earlier this year, I released a special bonus, SOLO episode, of the podcast, where I outlined my thoughts and practical insights on burnout, including: 👉🏾 7 signs that may indicate you’re on the road to burnout 👉🏾 things to look out for in your mood, your behaviour, your habits and your health. 👉🏾 10 simple things you can think about introducing into your life that really will start to help. And, I’m absolutely not suggesting you adopt them all right away – as always, my advice is to start small in manageable chunks. You can listen via the link in my bio above, on applepodcasts, spotify or you can watch in HD on youtube. Leave a ❤️ below if this resonated with you👇🏾 #drchatterjee #feelbetterlivemore #burnoutrecovery #mentalhealthawarenessweek

♬ original sound – Dr Rangan Chatterjee
A more recent find for me, Dr. Rangan Chatterjee….I didn’t mean to make that rhyme but anyway, I found this calming soul when I saw his interview with Dr. Joe Dispenza on YouTiopuytube and his podcasts have been an enlightening and soothing addition to my feed.

6. Shani Tran (@TheShaniProject)


Replying to @Crystal Riggins #upworkpartner Staying late can lead to burnout faster. @Upwork says the old way of working is dead. let’s quit when you’ve completed your 8 hour day #QuittersDay

♬ original sound – theshaniproject

That dose of realism I was talking about? You’re going to get it all with Shani, hunny. From her skits to her thoroughly answering comment questions, Shani makes sure to let us know that even on the journey to consuming healthier content, it’s no substitute for actual therapy.

7. Sarah Ahmed (@The.Poc.Therapist)

The more you know…

Sarah Ahmed is a Psychotherapist and founder of Leena, a mental health practice focusing on breaking down barriers and highlighting a pathway for better mental wellbeing in BIPOC communities.

8. Daníel Colón (@ColorWeCrazy)


Finding Daníel’s Instagram live meditations was like finding water in the dessert. Using a combination of voice and sound healing, this melodic being knows exactly how to tap into one’s inner child.

9. Lauren DeVera (@TheLaurenDeVera)

I’ve always enjoyed Lauren’s approach to balancing all the facets of life.

Lauren is a fellow advocate of literally moving through your emotions and into the person you want to be. A life coach, yoga instructor, dance teacher, and choreographer, Lauren helps fellow artists dig deep into their shadows through her body movement work and podcast, Thrive and Thread.

10. Mirna Martínez (@MirnaMartinez_)

Nothing like a relaxing bike ride to clear your mind and give gratitude.

Mirna Martínez is a first-generation, queer, Oaxacan, bilingual Social Worker and Therapist breaking trauma cycles and empowering the indigenous community. Her slice of life content not only is relatable but informative on safe spaces for BIPOC.

11. Show Nemoto (@ShowNemoto)


Japanese wisdom Wabisabi We all spend so much time bitching about aging and getting old. Especially people in 20s are afraid to getting old because you are in the fresh and energetic era of your life. But trust me as long as you have the spirit and atitude everything gets better as we grow. So stop wasting your time thinking and worrying to be old and miserable. It’s time for you to start work on yourself and you can’t waste your potential and talent especially when you have a ggod ampount of energy to excute things. If you are ready apply for coaching check out the bio.

♬ original sound – Liveyourlifelikeamovie – Liveyourlifelikeamovie
Show breaks down Zen teachings in a relatable way.

Another real one that will have you living life like a movie is Show Nemoto. A life coach who turned his own life into his dream reality, Show gives great advice on self compassion and discipline. Definitely will want to give him a follow or you might regret it.

12. Michell Clark (@MichellCClark)


I live a pretty good life. I get to spend a lot of time doing things that I love with people I care about–but that doesn’t mean that every day is the happiest day of my life. Some days I feel angry, some days I feel frustrated, and a lot of days, I feel sad. Sometimes I don’t even know what I feel, in the moment–I just know that something feels off. When that happens, I say to myself, “I wonder how I’m feeling, right now? Sometimes just asking the question helps me to pause, reflect, and name my feelings, so I can address them. Then, I ask myself, “what if–” What if I did one thing that made me feel better? Sometimes that “what if” looks like calling somebody I love. And then, I say, “let’s try-” Let’s try calling someone who might help me to feel better. Things like this don’t fix everything immediately, but taking one step forward can help me to feel like I’m on the right track, again. And taking things a step at a time is the best thing we can do. This message was brought to you by the #KennethColeXSesameStreet Collection that is now available on KennethCole.com

♬ original sound – Michell C. Clark
Michell has reminded me of the importance of feeling all my feels even when they don’t make sense.

Michell is living proof that advocating for yourself is the only way to go. His debut book, Eyes On The Road, helps those in accepting their past selves, while embracing the present and becoming excited for what the future holds.

13. Jemarc Axinto (@JemarcAxinto)


Follow @jemarcaxinto When you grow up in environments that force you to prove why you’re upset You become an adult that needs to justify their pain If you grew up in an environment where parents said things like: “Stop crying or I’ll give you something to cry about” “What do you have to be sad about? You don’t now what hardship is” “You’ve got it so easy you don’t even know” Then the way you perceive Attachments is one in which you have to EARN empathy and compassion You can’t just say “I’m hurting” or “I’m upset” You then tell the same story to every person you meet Thinking it will make you feel better But it actually reinforces those feelings of pain on your brain If you’re eager to change this then it’s time to take action now Comment “ALCHEMIZE” below and I’ll send you. A link to join my email list AND a special link to join my class “Healing Attachments” on February 10th! #healing #recovery #alchemize #emotionalintelligence #attachmentstyles #wellness #therapy #yoga #traumarecovery

♬ Solas X Interstellar – Gabriel Albuquerqüe
This is one that has taken me time to learn.

Jemarc, aka the spiritual geek, is a transformational life coach and public speaker who leads by example, embracing their quirky, authentic self in all matters of their work while also spreading teachings of self awareness and kindness.

14. Jackie Garcia (@TherapyLux)

Jackie is a bilingual Licensed Clinical Therapist who is passionate about helping individuals break trauma cycles. Her content hits home as she shows bits of her own personal life from family members to completing goals, giving us the motivation we all need to be better for ourselves.

15. Kai (@HiCoachKai)


when was the last time you bought yourself flowers? I’m more of a sunflower kind of guy, I bought myself a sunflower ring, But this was months ago. I wear it now on my left hand. It only fits on my ring finger 💍. It’s been a while since I bought myself real sunflowers. I actually don’t think I’ve ever given myself sunflowers. I will call myself sunflower for now. hi sunflower. And I promise you I will find you sunflowers. I promise you I will give to you 🌻 every day Even when there are no sunflowers around to be bought. I promise you I will offer you 🌻 even when the last of the sunflowers have disappeared and there’s nothing left to look at. 🏠🌻

♬ To build a home – 𝙇𝙭𝙪𝙞𝙨𝙨𝙤𝙪𝙣𝙙𝙯 🫶🏻
**Sniffles** Noted.

An angel in disguise, Coach Kai has traversed so much in his life. As an emotional healing and growth coach, Kai’s mission is to empower other adults who were raised by emotionally immature parents. An experience that as BIPOC, many know well.

16. Anjé (@Therapy.In.Retrograde)

This callout though.

Anjé is the affirming Therapist you want in your corner. Teaching others how to fully embrace all facets of themselves while staying informed with the geeks and nerds make this kink-informed therapist a joyful addition to the timeline!

17. Marquis Norton (@DrNortonTherapy)


1. Practice emotional flexibility 2. Take a break and blow off some steam 3. Focus on what matters 4. Understand what you can and can not control 5. Speak with a therapist to process at a deeper level #angermanagerment #drnortontherapy

♬ Hot Wuk – Mr. Vegas
Nothing a rhythm and some reflection can’t cure.

Dr. Marquis Norton is that Therapist that tackles and talks about literally all areas of life. Providing healthy coping mechanisms for emotions like anger and sadness to letting us step into his own life, this is one doctor that isn’t afraid to address the tough stuff with a dash of light heartedness.

18. Jessamyn Stanley (@MyNameIsJessamyn)



♬ original sound – Ryu
Bruh. I always need a warning before going into hip openers.

Oh, Jessamyn! One of my go-to creators. Also known as the Ms. Frizzle of Yoga (can confirm), Jessamyn’s content always makes me feel seen exactly as I am. From breaking down body stigmas to real conversations about love, work, life, and the weight they all carry, every time this yogi pops up on my feed, I have reason to slow down and smile.

19. Micheline Maalouf (@Micheline.Maalouf)


@anat_international is right about therapy in the west. Please share with therapisrs and with participants of therapy. Here is what it could look like that might actually help a bit 🇵🇸#therapy #freepalestine

♬ original sound – Micheline Maalouf Therapist

Micheline is a neurodivergent Arab-American therapist who creates content that helps contribute to ending mental health stigmas worldwide. Her content ranges from everything to what’s currently happening in the world to helpful tips when out and about and a panic attack arises.

20. Eso (@CoolUrbanHippie)

Food for thought.

Fellow cool, urban hippie, Eso is here to make you feel seen and heard. Helping other artists regulate their nervous systems by speaking kind and affirming words, coming across his content always creates a warm feeling in my heart.

I really hope you feel as relaxed and affirmed after reading this article as I did writing it. And if things still feel like they’re too much, help is always available by calling 988.

While social media will never be a substitute for actual therapy, following others who have a mission to lead a healthier life both on and off the web has definitely made a difference in how I see and approach life as a whole.

Let’s keep this list going. Drop your fave BIPOC mental health creators in the comments!


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  1. Lauren hitting it out of the park! I read this from top to bottom and followed all these people so fast ✨. P.S. – Fucking HONORED to feature by you and amongst all these creators 💅🏽

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